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Bespoke floral design for weddings & events.

Welcome to Arvo, a floral design studio rooted in deep appreciation for nature’s intrinsic beauty, theory of color, and our client’s individuality.

Based in Healdsburg, California.



Since 2013, Arvo Floral Studio has been creating floral designs for weddings throughout California. Weddings are the mainstay at Arvo, and  for this reason we take on a limited number of weddings each year. This allows us to provide a high level of attention to detail to our clients and their unique designs.

We specialize in conceptualizing and executing one of a kind florals for each of our clients, tailored to their unique set of needs. Our designs are inspired by the best offerings in any given season and the unique details of our client's love stories. We are taking into consideration every imaginable detail from linen selections to menu and stationery design, down to nitty gritty details such as the groom’s eclectic sock choice or the bride’s favorite ceramics company.

Arvo prides itself on garden inspired design, using only the best flowers and foliages available. We aim to strike a perfect balance between what our client’s are initially drawn to and our own distinctive vision, landing in a sweet spot that was not thought possible. Interested in inquiring about your wedding date? Please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.


Beyond our wedding work, Arvo collaborates on events, editorial projects, and commercial work. From corporate galas to intimate baby showers, we partner with clients to bring florals that heighten any celebration.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working on some amazing events - both big and small. Some of the notable events we have worked on include Take Time To Toast, Park Winters’ Summerland, the Sacred Heart Holiday Home Tour, and the Sacramento Mid Century Modern Home Tour. 

We work closely with brands, local businesses, government agencies and more. As always, we take on a limited number of events and collaborations each year to allow us to give our undivided attention to each project. Interested in having Arvo create florals for your event? Please get in touch to discuss availability, minimums, and more.


Arvo is honored to offer educational opportunities for both professional and amateur florists. We endlessly value the notion of seeking new information, applying it in a practical way, and changing our view on the world around us.

We offer several educational opportunities throughout the year. Our annual Spring Floral Design Class is one of our hands on design classes, in which Shannon delves into color theory, composition, product selection, and so much more. 

We take the summer months off from education to focus on events, but always circle back around to our annual Fall and Winter wreath workshops. We gather for family style brunch, making new friends and spending a few hours focusing on the beauty of tangible creation.

Additionally, we offer private one-on-one instruction. These private classes are tailored exactly to your needs and what areas you feel that you need to strengthen and explore. Reach out if you are interested in private instruction. Otherwise, be sure to sign up for our email list to be in the know about upcoming educational opportunities!

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