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Shannon, a born and raised Northern California native, founded Arvo Floral Studio in 2013. For years prior, Shannon had dabbled in several other creative fields before finding her preferred artistic medium of floral design.


Entranced by how floral arrangements could transform a space or event, she sought a multifaceted approach to honing her craft as a florist. Her foundation was laid as she scrubbed buckets & made deliveries at a local shop, interned & freelanced for local designers, as well as invested in a multitude of workshops. Thus, Arvo Floral Studio was born and Shannon set out to create exquisite flowers for weddings and events.

Shannon strives to create arrangements that are loose and organic in composition. She is incredibly inspired by the seasons, whether that be golden hues as summer fades into fall, or the most prolific of sweetly scented lilac bushes in the spring. She believes that flowers should be arranged loosely, in a manner that allows each stem to be showcased - never overcrowding an arrangement and always leaving room for the flowers to breathe. Color theory places a large role in all of her designs, and she is always looking for ways to incorporate color in new, unexpected ways. Shannon leads her team of designers with a deft hand and is often described as having "high expectations".


Meet Shannon

Founder of Arvo Floral Studio

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About Hero

We work closely with our clients to offer inspired designs.

We pride ourselves on the years of knowledge and expertise that we have amassed from working in this field. We don't strive to recreate your favorite images from Pinterest - we prefer to work from an inspired place and give you those Pinterest worthy images from scratch. We want to hear your story, what inspires you and makes you tick. We want to know what role flowers are going to play in your event, and what emotions you want our designs to evoke. We approach working with our clients like dating, is this a good match? Do we work well together? Do we see eye to eye? We believe that your wedding vendors should be your soulmates just as much as your fiancé. When you consider hiring Arvo Floral Studio, know that we value you as a client as much as we hope you value us as a company, artist, and small business.

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